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Eclectic Grooves in a Rock Landscape

Jae Thomas and The Secret Reasons are a versatile and dynamic musical ensemble that deliver a unique blend of rock, jazz, funk, and blues influences. They draw inspiration from iconic bands like Nirvana, David Bowie, Radiohead, and the Beatles; as well as folk artists like Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Jazz and funk accounts for their love for improvisation; and the band’s sound is eclectic, unpredictable, and full of surprises.

Jae’s guitar style is a unique blend of raw, energetic playing and a willingness to take chances. With every performance, he seamlessly weaves together elements of rock, jazz, funk, and blues to create a sound that’s his own. Whether performing solo or with his band, his guitar playing is full of surprises, like tripping down the stairs and landing on his feet perfectly on the “one” and telling a story the whole way. It’s this fearlessness, curiosity, and willingness to experiment that make his live performances so captivating.

His voice also has a unique and soulful grit, the goal being to connect with something deeper whilst also having fun.

The band’s live shows are known for their improvisational energy and groove elements, which constantly push the boundaries of their own creativity. No two performances are ever the same, as the band’s love for improvisation and experimentation keeps audiences on their toes and captivated throughout.

In addition to their impressive covers and medleys of various genres, Jae Thomas and The Secret Reasons also have a growing catalog of original music. You can find their original songs on Spotify, where Jae showcases his creativity and continually evolving songwriting talent.

Whether performing solo or with a full band, Jae is always accompanied by the best musicians in the area. With a setlist that includes covers and medleys from a variety of genres, as well as their own original music, their shows are an experience. Having played gigs in Northeastern PA, NYC, Long Island, NJ, Philly, and Florida over the years, Jae Thomas and The Secret Reasons have established themselves as a force of nature. If you’re looking for a band that takes chances, challenges conventions, and delivers a high-energy and eclectic sound that’s sure to get you moving, come check them out and jam along!

CHECK OUT the videos below for some examples.

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Duo Performances

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